Physiodose 20 filters disposable + 2 offered tips

PHYSIODOSE puts at your disposal a box of 20 disposable filters and 2 finials adaptable to the fly baby with filter PHYSIODOSE.

Manufacturer: Laboratoires Gilbert

SKU: 6026348 Physiodose 20 Filtres Jetables + 2 Embouts Offerts


Disposable filters for fly baby Physiodose so that your child is a perfect nose hygiene.

directions for use:

Open the fly baby and remove the filter PHYSIODOSE with tongue.

Discard filter.

Clean with warm, soapy water nosepiece and tank after each use and rinse with clear water.


Clip simply the filter Physiodose the reservoir.

And close the tank based.


Box of 20 disposable filters and 2 adaptable tips.