Phileas Frog travel kit approved aircraft

Phileas Frog, the travel kit homologated 'plane'.
Manufacturer: Visiomed


SKU 4268788 Phileas Frog travel kit homologated aircraft


Some countries impose restrictions on the liquids that you can carry on Board (creams, aerosols, gels, etc.). It is advisable to place all your liquids in the cargo bay. But v OU can carry liquids in your hand baggage provided that they are:

  • small quantities (100 ml maximum per product),

  • placed in a transparent container and then placed in a transparent re-sealable bag with a maximum volume of one litre. Only one bag is allowed per passenger.

The travel kit Philees Frog

has been specially designed to meet these standards of aviation safety. It is therefore certified 'plane'.

Now, thanks to this travel kit, your cosmetics follow you everywhere, even in the cabin.


This trip set contains 4 vials 100 ml and 2 transparent jars transparent plastics.

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