Percutalgin' Phyto Emulsion-Massage 60ml Gel

Emulsion-gel massage with essential oils for soothe and relax the muscles after muscle exertion.

Manufacturer: Besins

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SKU: 5384399 Percutalgin'Phyto Emulsion-Massage 60ml Gel


Percutalgin'Phyto is an effective concentration of 3 essential oils known association to give a feeling of calm and promote relaxation of the muscles.

Developed in the form of a specific gel emulsion for the massage, Percutalgin'Phyto applied before or after physical exertion relaxes the muscles, soothes and helps recovery.

In addition, the non-greasy emulsion-gel texture penetrates easily and does not stain.

Percutalgin operating tips ' Phyto:

Use the emulsion before or after exertion.

2 to 3 daily applications recommended massage on the area concerned.


A do not use in children under 12 years and in pregnant or lactating women.

Store away from light and heat.