Pedisaule Tube cutting 2x90mm

SKU: 4746989 Pedisaule Tube Dcouper 2X90Mm


To protect the toes (or fingers) horns, oeil-de-perdrix, overheating or bulbs.

Protector Pedisaule has viscoelastic qualities that allow to use it for all sizes of fingers or toes with maximum comfort.

It absorbs shock, reduces pressure and friction, relieves pain. Resistant, end and soft to the touch, it can be used without any discomfort to your other toes.

directions for use:

Cut the desired length with a pair of scissors.

For any use, wash it with water and dry well. Throw from the slightest wear.

Hand wash.

Open wounds, Arteritis, diabetes, polyneuropathy, neuropathy of lower limbs, varicose ulcers.