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Pedi Relax ritual of care feet dry cream moisturizing 75ml + cream scrub 50ml

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SKU 2637003 Pedirelax ritual of care dry feet cream moisturizing 75 ml + cream scrub 50 ml


moisturizing cream: has the essential oil of sweet orange, it is specially formulated for dry feet, and very dry. the essential oil of sweet orange, the relaxing properties, is associated to Glycerin and of guanidine glycolate, patented active properties emollient. beyond its softening benefits on skin cream moisturizing Pedirelax will amaze your senses : its smooth texture and original fragrance of citrus will make this treatment a moment of well-being of relaxation.

scrub cream:

essential oil of lemon, it is specially formulated for dry feet with calluses. the essential oil of lemon, the purifying virtues, is associated with a complex of assets kerato-regulators (urea, lactic acid and acid Salicylic) contributing to reduce the thickness of the stratum corneum and promoting the elimination of dead skin. This action is reinforced by the presence of beads. beyond its kerato-regulating action, scrub cream surprise your senses: finely granulated texture and tangy fragrance will make this treatment a moment of well-being and relaxation. operating tips:

moisturizer: this cream should be applied in massage once per day focusing on rough areas. It should not be applied on skin injured. a small amount of cream just for a massage of the entire foot.

scrub cream: This cream should be applied on the entire foot emphasizing the calluses. In treatment of attack (3 weeks maximum), the application will need to be daily. maintenance treatment, one application per week will be sufficient.

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