Pedi Relax cream protective Anti-Frottements Tube 50ml


SKU: 7938790 Pedi Relax cream protective Anti-Frottements Tube 50 ml

Description: cream regenerating damaged feet, with essential oils of restorative lavender and thyme antibacterial. regenerative cream with essential oils of lavender and thyme, is specially formulated for very dry feet and damaged. essential oils of lavender, the restorative virtues, and thyme, known for its antibacterial qualities are associated with a complex of vitamin proteins contribute to the regeneration of the epidermis and Glycerin , hydrating agent and nutritious. beyond its nutritious and hydrating benefits, regenerative cream Pedi Relax will amaze your senses: its fine texture and fragrance of herbs will make this treatment a moment of well-being and relaxation.

indications: feet very dry and damaged

operating tips: this cream should be applied on the entire foot once per day focusing on damaged areas.