Pedi Relax cream moisturizing feet dry and very dry Tube 75ml


SKU 7938778 Pedi Relax cream moisturizing feet dry and very dry Tube 75ml

cream moisturizing PEDIRelax with essential oil of sweet orange to soften dry feet
cream moisturizing massage with essential oil of sweet orange, is specially formulated for dry feet, and very dry.
the essential oil of sweet orange, the relaxing properties, is associated with Glycerin (nutrient agent) and of guanidine glycolate, patented active emollient properties
beyond its softening and moisturizing benefits on the skin , Pedi Relax moisturizing massage cream will amaze your senses: its smooth texture and original fragrance of citrus will make this treatment a moment of well-being and relaxation.

for dry and very dry feet
moisturizing, softening

Glycerin: nutritional and moisturizing, it helps to soften the
skin which becomes more. sweet
guanidine Glycolate: assets patented properties
emollient, it allows to quickly regulate the thickness of the layer
horny, especially to areas of friction. It thus contributes to
remove calluses and to prevent their recurrence.
orange sweet essential oil: recognized for its virtues
relaxing and antiseptic. Brings a fruity fragrance fresh and very

operating tips:
This cream should be applied in massage once per day focusing on rough areas
It should not be applied on skin aggrieved.
a small amount of cream just for a massage of the foot all.

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