Pedi Relax antiperspirant Gel Non-fatty Tube 50ml

SKU: 7938809 Pedi Relax antiperspirant Gel Non-fatty 50 ml Tube

Properties gel Pedi Relax:

Anti-perspirant, Frost

non fat Pedirelax essential oils of clove and melaleuca and specially adapted known for their purifying properties in case of excessive sweating of the feet.

essential oils are associated with a recognized asset: the aluminium chlorohydrate, astringent, that reduces sweat excretion.

Non-oily texture and delicate fragrance of the antiperspirant gel Pedirelax will contribute to this treatment a moment of well-being and relaxation.

gel Pedi Relax operating tips:

this antiperspirant gel is a care of attack, it is recommended not to use more than one month.

Gel should be applied every night on feet washed and carefully wiped off (up to 1 month).

Do not use on irritated or damaged skins.