Parogencyl Gum Prevention Toothpaste 75ml

Promotes the reduction of gingival sensitivity and bleeding.

Manufacturer: Parogencyl



SKU: 6133009 Parogencyl Prevention gums 75 ml

Description: Promotes the reduction of gingival sensitivity and bleeding. The permethol has an effect on the microcirculation blood. It normalizes permeability of capillaries and strengthens the resistance of the walls of the blood vessels.

Parogencyl allows the reduction of bleeding in a few days and the reduction of gingival sensitivity. The resistance of the gums inflammation is improved. Provitamin B5 is known for its stimulating action on the growth of gingival tissue. It slows down the gingival retraction cord. Pro-vitamin B5 and allantoin also have properties healing. Parogencyl contributes to the maintenance of a strong implantation of teeth and helps prevent their heaving.

operating tips: for maximum efficiency, conduct a careful brushing with Parogencyl toothpaste, three times a day, after meals, in the vertical direction of the gingiva to the tip of the tooth. Parogencyl texture allows a massage gentle gum if brushing is too painful. Its action can be usefully supplemented by the use of the solution gingival apres-brossage Parogencyl.