Parodontax toothpaste whiteness Lot of 2 x 75ml

Parodontax toothpaste whiteness to help restore the natural whiteness of teeth.

Manufacturer: GSK

SKU: 6936120 Parodontax toothpaste with fluoride whiteness Lot 2 x 75 ml


Toothpaste Parodontax whiteness is designed to help restore the natural whiteness of teeth by removing surface stains. In addition, it is formulated to help effectively reduce bacterial plaque.

The unique formula of whiteness Parodontax toothpaste is characterized by:

-a high concentration of sodium bicarbonate to fight bacteria and neutralize acids.

  • five plant extracts for their soothing, deodorant effect and strengthen natural resistance.

  • of sodium fluoride for the remineralization of enamel.

Used regularly, Parodontax toothpaste strengthens gums, invigorates them and promotes the reduction of bleeding. It also gives you smooth and perfectly clean teeth.

Tips for using Parodontax toothpaste whiteness:

perform regular and careful, brushing 2 or 3 times a day for 2 minutes to remove plaque daily.