Parodontax toothpaste white 75ml

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SKU: 6005300 Parodontax toothpaste white 75 ml


Parodontax toothpaste whiteness contains a unique formula against bleeding gums. Rich in fluorine, it helps to fight countered bacteria and decreases the occurrence of caries. Dental plaque can be responsible for occasional bleeding gums, through regular brushing it helps to fight against the deposit of plaque, gums and your teeth are so protected. The whiteness of your teeth is preserved after each brushing through the action of sodium bicarbonate.

Parodontax toothpaste gengival operating tips:

it is recommended not to use this toothpaste for children less than 12 years. Daily brushing is recommended for the health of your teeth.



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M. Euclides
  the 13/05/2018
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