Parasidose comb end Rose lice & nits

fine-tooth comb to remove dead lice and nits.
Manufacturer: Laboratoires Gilbert
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SKU 7357082 Parasidose comb end Rose lice & nits


the Parasidose thin comb helps to Remove lice and nits died after a lice treatment. Its long stainless steel teeth and its ergonomic grip makes it efficient and easy to use on short hair like on long hair. Very compressed teeth, 0.15 mm catch lice and nits already dead after lice treatment.

Parasidose comb end tips:

after unraveled your hair, sit in a well-lit area. Separate the hair into strands and pass the comb from the roots to the tips. Between each passage, examine carefully the comb and wipe it carefully with a cloth. Once all the hair has been combed, clean it very carefully.

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