Paranix treatment lice and slow Shampoo 200ml + comb

SKU: 9830855 Paranix treatment lice and slow Shampoo 200ml + comb

The new formula double-action shampoo Paranix asphyxia and dehydrates the lice and the nits. moreover, this shampoo is easy to use because it washes the hair at the same time. operating tips : 1 - check the presence of lice in the hair, bit by bit, using the lice to very fine tooth comb provided with shampoo. 2 - consistently apply a sufficient dose of shampoo Paranix on dry hair. Make sure to cover all the hair and scalp. Well massage from the roots to the tips in paying particular attention to the neck and the back of the ears. leave for 10 minutes. 3 - Add enough water on the hair to lather the shampoo. Wash and thoroughly rinse the hair. Ensure to rinse thoroughly all the product. 4 - before drying the hair, carefully use anti lice Paranix comb to remove lice and nits. Regularly clean the comb. 5 - repeat the treatment after 7 days.