Parakito Kids Bracelet pink Shell 2 tablets


SKU 7965321 Parakito Kids Bracelet pink Shell 2 tablets


bracelet kids pink Parakito offers long protection against mosquitoes for your child.

Practice to transport since it is sufficient to attach either wrist evening at the ankle of your child. The bracelet is rechargeable and charging you orffre 15 days protection.

For optimum protection throughout the day and night, your child does not have to remove the bracelet even to take a shower or even for bathing. It was designed to withstand water.

This bracelet is specific to children and to not lose the bracelet, an identification label has been added to the bracelet in order to register his name and surname.

It can be used anywhere, for all areas.

Rechargeable bracelet.


Mosquito repellent bracelet for children aged 3 to 7.

Color girl.

Bracelet + 2 refills.

operating tips

Attach the strap at the ankle or wrist and change charging after 15 days.

Subsequently use reloads only the laboratory Parakito.


Oil ho, Rosemary, Mint of the fields, cinnamon twig, Lemony palmarosa, vanillin.