Parakito Kids Bracelet blue sailor 2 tablets

Protection mosquito child, rechargeable and waterproof.
Manufacturer: Parakito
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SKU 7965320 Parakito Kids Bracelet blue sailor 2 tablets


Blue parakito kids bracelet is an optimal protection for children. Very practical, it attaches to the wrist or ankle and very light, there is no interference when activities.

Its lozenge provides protection for 15 days and released on a regular basis for efficiency throughout the day but also at night, in all areas.

Bracelet water resistant, so your child can keep it in the shower or when swimming.

In order not to lose the bracelet or to not to be confused, a fabric tag has been added on the braelet in order to include the name and/or the name of your child.

Rechargeable bracelet.


Mosquito repellent bracelet for children from ages 3 to 7.

Patterns and color boy.

Bracelet + 2 refills.

operating tips

Attach the bracelet on the wrist or ankle and change every 15 days the refill.

For extra protection, do not use only refills Parakito.


Oil ho, Rosemary, Mint of the fields, cinnamon twig, Lemony palmarosa, vanillin.

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