ParaKito Clip repellent red 2 refills

A clip practical and effective against mosquitoes with essential oils
Manufacturer: Parakito
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SKU 9673686 ParaKito Clip mosquito repellent red 2 refills


Clip red Para'Kito mosquito repellent with essential oils
a clip practical and effective against mosquitoes!

easy to use, just drag a plate under the net of protection of the clip and it's 15 days of protection against mosquitoes! Comes with 2 mosquito pads, it is 30 days of optimal protection!

clip attaches to the bag, clothes, belt, to the rise of bed, arises on a table...

  • essential oils
  • delivered with 2 refills so 30 days of protection
  • Rechargeable (sold separately charging)
  • Resistant waterproof water -
  • use in all geographical areas
  • tested for 30 days by the I. Danielle from Montpellier in his laboratory to combat insect pests
  • manufactured in France

clip consists of 2 parts

-support in neoprene fabric, on which comes to place a pad impregnated with repellent mixture tested for protection against bites from mosquitoes.
-active plate, placed under a protective nylon NET mounted on the support in neoprene, avoids the direct contact with the skin and other media

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