Parakito Apres-piqures Roll'On 5ml


SKU 4237028 Parakito Apres-piqures Roll'On 5ml


Parakito Aprs-Piqres is a gel roll - on extracts of plants indicated to relieve immediately insect bites.

the formula of this gel 100% natural contains:

  • 3 soothing namely natural assets, aloe vera, oatmeal extract and calendula,

  • 3 essential oils virola, cade wood and deodar cedar,

  • natural menthol to the Icicle effect.

its mini size allows to have permanently with itself. In addition, Tthe micro ball metal allows easy application and practice.

operating Parakito Apres-piqures roll-on tips:

Shake before use.

Apply the gel on the sting with a gentle circular motion.


Product dermatologically tested and manufactured in France.