Pampers New Baby Sensitive T2 (3-6kg) 28 layers

layer sensitive baby new toddler 3 to 6 kg.

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SKU: 0063510 Pampers New Baby Sensitive T2 (3-6 kg) 28 layers


Baby's skin is delicate especially in the area of the seat. The epidermis are constantly in contact with layers, it needs more care. This is why Pampers has created a new range of layers: Pampers New Baby Sensitive. They contain a touch of aloe, to provide protection and softness to your toddler that it merit Pampers New Baby Sensitive layers are equipped with exclusive absorbent veil, specially designed to absorb the stools and protect from moisture the delicate skin of your new born. They also include an indicator of urine which becomes blue to indicate that baby did pee.

Indications Pampers New Baby Sensitive 3-6 kg :

Take a size of channel morphology and the baby's weight. It must not be too wide or too tight.