Pampers Easy Up T5 Junior (12-18kg) 20 layers

layer easy up junior 12-18 kg.

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SKU: 0053573 pampers Easy Up T5 Junior 12-18 kg 20 layers


With drawings of Heroes favorite of your pampers Easy Up children have a high absorbent power. Pampers Easy Up slip as a panty. With a very elastic waist and an extra layer, they together Pampers absorption with a comfortable form of panties. the Exchange is more than a short pause during gameplay and baby can take advantage of its independence, now that it stands on its legs and wants to be considered a large.

  • They slip like a panties
  • Rapid absorption: the result of the faster uptake that is.
  • Layer Extra Dry: retains moisture for skin dry
  • Elastic sides: you can easily change baby standing
  • Tear on the sides: very easy to remove the panties

use Pampers Easy Up Junior boards:

Babies must wear diapers adapted to morphology. Choose a layer based on weight. Make sure that it does not yawn and that it does not interfere with your baby when he plays and moves on all fours.