P.O.12 Repar Lotion 20ml

moisturizing lotion that promotes the healing process in particular on the small wounds.
Manufacturer: Boehringer
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SKU 6276022 P.O.12 Repar Lotion 20 ml


P.O.12 Repar Lotion 20 ml is a moisturizing lotion that promotes the process of healing, especially on small wounds.

This lotion is used on a wound disinfected beforehand, and can be used in adults and children (from 3 years). It contains moisturizing and lubricating substances that will recreate a microenvironment suitable for the implementation of the process of healing.

directions for use:

After you be washed hands with care, clean and disinfect the skin aggrieved.
Apply the product to the region concerned with the dropper or a compress.
Reseal the bottle after use.
Repeat application at least 2 to 3 times a day until complete healing (Maximum 7 days).


Promote healing.

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