P.O. 12 Repar barrier cream healing 20g

The P.O.12 Repar is a barrier cream which promotes the healing of superficial Burns, sunburn or skin peels.
Manufacturer: Boehringer


SKU 6275956 P.O.12 Repar cream healing barrier 20 G


Barrier P.O.12 Repar cream is indicated for the treatment of superficial wounds, superficial Burns, shots of Sun and skin peels.

directions for use:

P.O.12 Repar contains sucralfate which helps protect the region concerned against infection and promote skin repair. Barrier P.O.12 cream also contains arginine and D-panthenol that moisturize and lubricate the skin to promote healing.


Before using the product, well wash hands and disinfect the injured skin. Apply the cream on the area of the lesion and adjacent areas. Repeat application 2-3 times per day until complete healing (7 days maximum). Safety precautions: keep away from sources of heat and out of reach of children. Reference: Acl 6275956 EAN 3401162759565 Code

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