Oxelio topical vitamin concentrate 30ml antioxidant

Oxelio topical is rich in antioxidants to combat free radicals solar.

Manufacturer: Jaldes

SKU: 4364957 Jaldes Oxelio topical concentrate of vitamins antioxidant 30ml


Oxelio topical is a concentrate of vitamins Antioxydantes act against solar free radicals. This cream strengthens natural defences against the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. It protects the most sensitive areas of the skin.

operating tips:

apply one to two times a day before, during and after the period of exposure solar. topical Oxelio is not a sunscreen, it provides not a sunscreen.


this cream is particularly suitable for light skin, very exposed areas, face, hands, intolerant areas to the Sun, dcollet, arms, legs. Oxelio can also be used for the suites of peelings, exfoliating treatments and devitalized by too many exhibitions and dull skins.