Organics oil activating bronzing tanning 100ml

SKU: 6036103 Organics Activator 100 ml tanning bronzing oil


Mono de Tahiti, this dry the bewitching fragrance oil-rich will sublimate your Tan. It is an excellent ally to Tan quickly and intensely. It leaves on the skin a great effect illuminated, infinitely seductive.

Tanning activator is a complex based on biochemical substances of natural origin, homologous to the constituents of the epidermis. It allows in a few applications and under the influence of the Sun, to accelerate and strengthen the natural Tan via melanin, which corresponds to the development of the auto-photoprotection.


-Acceleration of the process of biosynthesis of epidermal melanin pigments

-Immediate pigmentation improvement

-Reduction of the time required for the process of pigmentation

-Tan earlier and more intense.

SPF 0 - RESISTS has water - not fat - not sticky - o % DHA

operating tips:

Apply your suntan oil before any exposure to the Sun on the entire body.


isoamyl cocoate - sesamum indicum oil - cocos nucifera oil & gardenia tahitensis - parfum - oleoyl tyrosine - luffa cylindrica (seed) oil - oleic acid - tocopherol - glycine soja (soybean) oil.


bottle 100 ml