Oral B toothpaste fluoride Protection gums Lot of 2 x 75ml


SKU 0011907 Oral B toothpaste fluoride Protection gums Lot 2 x 75 ml


Oral B laboratory has developed the fluoride toothpaste protection gums indicated for persons wishing to solve their problems of gums.

Indeed, this toothpaste, mint flavour, helps combat gum problems.

Thus, it allows:

  • to reduce the problems of gums,

  • Remove bacterial plaque while respecting his sensitivity

  • to fight plaque,

  • to bring the whiteness to the teeth

  • to protect the gums of acid, attacks

  • to eliminate Tartar of teeth enamel.

your teeth are clean and cleaned, your breath is fresh.

directions for use Oral B toothpaste fluoride Protection gums:

It is important to daily brushing with a fluoride toothpaste.

Update of dentrifrice on brush teeth. Brushing teeth 2-3 minutes after each meal. Then, rinse the toothbrush.

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