Oral B Stages Power Walt Disney Princesses 3 brushes for electric toothbrush

Brushes for daily brushing of the teeth of children.

Manufacturer: Oral-B

SKU: 017819P


Oral B is the brand of toothbrushes l more used by dentists themselves all over the world. Internships Power Princesses brushes are ideal for your daughters. Indeed, they will learn in a playful way to brushing teeth daily.

In addition, the flexible extra bristles of the brush head respect the teeth and gums of children. The blue hairs are designed to clean the surfaces of chews. Thanks to this brush head the oral hygiene of your child will be impeccable.


Oral hygiene for children.

Operating tips:

The dentist recommend regular and daily tooth brushing. Use under the supervision of an adult. Change the brush as soon as the blue bristles fade.


Box of 3 brushes.