Oral B Stages Power Walt Disney Cars 3 brushes for electric toothbrush

SKU: 017819C


Oral B is the most widely used brand of toothbrushes by dentists themselves in the world. This lab to designed children's toothbrushes electric Walt Disney to make brushing a fun time.

Brush heads Oral B Cars are suitable for children from 3 years. Their flexible bristles meet the teeth and the gums of your children. The row raised blue hair is designed to clean the chewing surfaces.

Your children thus learn from their earliest age to its brush their teeth in a playful way thanks to the design of the Walt Disney Cars. As soon as the row of blue hairs become white, this means change your brushhead.


Does not fit into:

-Cross Action Power,

-Vitality Sonic,

-Oral B Sonic Complete.

Operating tips:

As soon as the blue hairs become white, change the brush of the electric toothbrush. Dentists recommend regular brushing for 2 minutes under the supervision of an adult.


3 brushes