Oral B Professional Care 800 Clean Sensitive electric toothbrush

Electric Oral B Toothbrush removes up to 100% of dental plaque in addition to a manual toothbrush.

Manufacturer: Oral-B

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SKU: 0107759 oral B Professional Care 800 Clean Sensitive electric toothbrush


Oral B Professional 800 Sensitive Clean, electric toothbrush, gently and effectively eliminates the plaque. The two brushing methods offered allow brushing clean and smooth. Thus the teeth and gums are not irritated. Dentists recommend regular brushing for 2 minutes three times per day. The minut eur in this toothbrush will tell you when you reach the 2 minutes of brushing recommended.

Oral B 800 Sensitive Clean operating tips:

moisten the brush head and apply toothpaste. To avoid splashing, place the brush head on your teeth before putting the brush toothbrush market. brush outside, then inside surfaces and finally the chewing surfaces. during the first days of use, it is possible that the gums may bleed slightly. Normally the bleeding should disappear after a few days. If the bleeding persists after 2 weeks, contact your dentist. If you have teeth and sensitive gums, Oral-B recommends that you to brush your teeth in "soft" mode.


Product comes with 1 electric toothbrush, a charger, a battery and a charging base with storage for brushes and 2 brush heads Oral B.