Oral B Oxyjet Professional Care

Oxyjet to protect gums and give the feeling of fresh breath.

Manufacturer: Oral-B

SKU: 9745505 oral B Oxyjet Professional Care


Oral B Oxyjet is to be used in addition to an Oral B electric toothbrushes for a complete oral hygiene.

Oxyjet helps protect gum and is designed to give you the feeling of a fresh mouth. Oxyjet technology combines air with water for cleaning in depth of the gingival sulcus. It brings 4 actions:

  • cleaning targeted microbubbles, they allow to act against the bacteria responsible for dental plaque formation

  • jet spiral with microbubbles for massaging the gums gently,

  • a sensation of freshness,

  • 600 ml water tank.

Oral B Oxyjet operating tips:

Use in addition to your daily brushing.



  • 4 jets,

  • compartments for cannula,

  • large water tank,

  • air filter,

  • propeller,

  • water pressure control.