Oral B 3D White luxury sparkle and Glamour 75ml toothpaste

good plan! discover 3D white luxury toothpaste. Glamour at low cost.
Manufacturer: Oral-B


SKU 0075517 oral B toothpaste 3D White sparkle and Glamour 75ml luxury


Toothpaste 3D White luxury sparkle and Glamour is indicated for teeth whitening.

Indeed, this toothpaste brings a whiteness in 3 dimensions:

  • elimination up to 90% of the tasks on the surface in 5 days,

  • bright teeth instantly,

  • protection of future tasks.

Soft for email, this toothpaste cleans teeth without damaging gums.

Your smile is bright and glamorous.

directions for use Oral B toothpaste 3D White luxury:

It is advisable to brush their teeth every day for 2-3 minutes after every meal a toothpaste.


Child 6 years or less: use toothpaste about the size of a pea under the supervision of an adult to minimize ingestion.