Oral B 3D White luxury freshness anti-tobacco 75ml toothpaste

Whiteness, brightness and fresh breath.
Manufacturer: Oral-B


SKU 6002507 Oral B Dentifrice 3D White Luxe Fracheur Anti-Tabac 75Ml


Smoking can have adverse effects on your smile: present in the cigarette tar and nicotine leave your teeth yellow or brownish spots, which may in the long term become permanent.

In addition, smoking promotes the development of caries, and characterized by a lack of fresh breath, or even a smell of cold tobacco.

Being smoker, you need specific dental problems.

Our toothpaste Oral-B 3D White anti-smoking a luxury designed to respond to these problems.

Oral-B 3D White luxury anti-smoking freshness can eliminate up to 90% of the tasks on the surface in 5 days.

It combines two silica for whitening your teeth gently, by eliminating even the coffee and tobacco stains.

Addition, this fluoride toothpaste promotes caries protection.

And its special formula brings you a long lasting freshness sensation. Soft for email.


Fluoride toothpaste


Tube 75 ml

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