Onagrine Serum regenerating 15ml

Regenerator Serum Onagrine restores radiance to devitalized skin.
Manufacturer: Onagrine


SKU: 4224682 Onagrine Serum regenerating 15ml


Onagrine regenerating Serum is developed entirely with noble oils. It repairs, rebuilds and restores radiance to devitalized skin, dull and tired. this concentrate of plants brings exceptional efficiency on the skin repair and regeneration of cells during the night. Wake up the skin is smooth, revitalized and dyed bright. this treatment is suitable for all skin types.

Onagrine Serum composition regenerating:

the Onaphyline, firms up the DermIS and plumps in depth wrinkles.

rich in gamma-linolenic acid, evening primrose oil it prevents dehydration of the skin and naturally rebuilt the skin barrier Inca oil protects and softens the skin thanks to its content of Omega 3/6/9 and vitamin E antioxidant Tamanol de Tahiti oil repairs and regenerates cells. the Baobab of Africa Ubuntu nourishes and restores elasticity to dry skin. the Cucurma defence mechanisms natural skin against oxidative stress and enhances the brilliance of the complexion.

operating tips:

this dry oil is used in the evening, alone or under your moisturizer. It quickly penetrates into the heart of the skin to the feed. The skin is soft and beautiful.