Onagrine eye Onaphyline bottle pump 15ml

Onaphyline is a care for the contour of the eyes. It reduces wrinkles and dark circles.

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because with age, wrinkles settle and mark more, Onagrine has developed the Onaphyline Contour of eyes, a powerful anti-aging complex that activates fat cells to stimulate the DermIS and plump deep wrinkles. This cream is full of active anti-aging contributing to restore the outline of the eye. It intensely hydrates and smoothes the skin texture. Wrinkles are filled permanently. The eye contour is revitalized and visibly rejuvenated.

Onagrine Onaphyline eye tips:

Apply morning and evening by gently smoothing the contour of the eye


complex Onaphyline to 1.6% (oil and evening primrose ceramides, commiphora mukul), hyaluronic acid, rose of Jericho, Brown of India, tree fern New Zealand.