Onagrine DNA vitamin Detox day cream energizing 40ml

skincare energizing and anti-aging.

Manufacturer: Onagrine

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SKU: 9581263 Onagrine DNA Detox vitamin cream of day E nergisante 40 ml


Onagrine laboratories have developed, the energizing day care for all skin types. Rich in buds from beech and vitamin C, it moisturizes, protects, smoothes and revitalizes the skin.

Dull and tired skin reveillent, protected from external aggressions, it finds all its brilliance. Hydrated, she finds suppleness and softness.

Melting and fresh texture is nice application, moreover it leaves a delicate perfume on your skin.

operating Onagrine Detox vitamin care of day tips:

Apply morning on face and neck, this treatment is a perfect base for make-up.