Omega 3 Chauvin 60 capsules

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Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
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SKU 4284891 Omega 3 Chauvin 60 capsules

Description :

Our body cannot synthesize Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Should be made by our food.

Omega 3 Chauvin is rich in Omega 3, which provide:

  • the DHA, which participates in the normal functioning of the brain.
  • the EPA and DHA that contribute to a normal cardiac function.


3 capsules per day to be taken at the beginning of the meal with a glass of water cold.
This assay has been studied to achieve consumption daily recommended.
do not exceed without medical advice.

A varied and balanced diet allows a good balance nutritional.
eat in addition to the power supply.
keep out of reach of children.


oil of wild fish, (constituent of the tunic) fish gelatine, glycerine (plasticizer), natural vitamin E (antioxidant), sunflower (thickening) lecithin.

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