OM3 Premium balance emotional 45 capsules


SKU 4540466 OM3 Premium balance emotional 45 capsules

food supplements of fish oil. To balance emotional.

OM3 has been the first omega-3 supplement to be specifically to support a positive mood and emotional balance through a very high EPA to DHA. intake

OM3emotion (45 capsules by box) brings a formula to extreme concentration (90%).
scientific studies have shown the specific importance of the EPA to support mood and positive emotions

for this than OM3emotion) offers a high concentration omega-3 of 90% and 70% EPA.

operating tips:
The recommended initial dose of OM3 is 3 capsules per day

It is recommended to take the capsules either at the beginning of a meal (no matter which), is the evening at sunset to avoid the possibility of fish taste.

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