OM3 Junior 60 capsules to chew

Balance and concentration, capsules taste Strawberry

Manufacturer: IsodisNatura

SKU: 4363403 OM3 Junior 60 Capsules to chew

indications: balance and concentration. junior OM3 is a dietary supplement to be used only as a complement to a diversified, diet that alone ensures a good balance nutritional. junior OM3 has a concentration of 60% in omega-3 and EPA/DHA ratio clinically tested for children. however, most fish oils available commercially contain only 30% omega-3 fatty acids (some only 15%). The remaining 70% of the consumed oil are rich in calories but not in benefits for the health. Composition: oil concentrated wild fish (60% omega-3), xylitol (sweeteners), colloidal silica, vitamin E certified non-GMO, aroma strawberry, rapeseed lecithin, water purified, extract of Rosemary oil, vitamin A (Palmitate) and vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol). Containing: gelatin, water, glycerol, aroma strawberry. operating tips: children between 6 and 10 years: 2 to 3 capsules per day children between 11 and 15 years: 3 to 4 capsules per day, to be taken at the beginning of a meal. Take the morning with a fruit juice, at the beginning of a meal or at bedtime, in addition to a balanced diet.