OM3 classic balance emotional PROMO set of 3 boxes 180 capsules

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OM3 classic balance emotional PROMO set of 3 boxes (180 capsules)

description: OM3 has been the first omega-3 supplement to be specifically formulated for emotional balance and having a high concentration omega-3 and especially EPA scientific studies have shown the specific importance of the EPA to support mood and positive emotions that is why OM3 offers a high omega-3 of 90% and a concentration report EPA/DHA of 7.5 to 1. < br />(60_capsules_par_boite_/) 20 days of treatment) OM3 is a dietary supplement to be used only as a complement to a diversified, diet that alone ensures a good balance nutrition. OM3 is not intended to replace or substitute for any medical treatment prescribed by your physician. Composition: concentrated fish oil ethyl ester (titrating at 90% omega-3) extract natural vitamin E certified non-GMO (1.5 mg per capsule is 0.3 g for) 100 g oil) Containing: wild fish Gelatin nutritional values Composition Per Capsule For 3 capsules OMEGA-3 (mg) 450-1350 EPA (mg) 350 1050 DHA (mg) 50 150 % RDA: Contributions Daily Recommended operating tips: the recommended initial dose of OM3 is 3 capsules per day in one or more for a daily intake of 1125 mg (1.125 g) of EPA and 150 mg of DHA corresponding to a total of 1.42 g of omega-3s per day. capsules can be taken either at once or divided into multiple outlets in the day, according to the comfort of each. It is still recommended that you take the capsules either at the beginning of a meal (no matter which), is the evening at sunset to avoid the possibility of aftertaste of fish.