Oligobs nursing 30 tablets 30 capsules Omega 3


SKU 9874427 Oligobs nursing 30 tablets 30 capsules Omega 3

Oligobs breastfeeding is specifically formulated to supplement the diet of the mother with a nutritional source adapted to optimize breastfeeding her baby based on the evolution of its needs.
in case of ascertained deficiencies, especially iron, only your doctor can prescribe a suitable drug.

Oligobs breastfeeding is an association of vitamins , trace elements of essential fatty acids (omega3) developed according to the requirements of quality of C.C.D laboratory of the woman.

operating tips :
1 tablet and 1 capsule of omega3 per day, to swallow with a glass of water.
Oligobs Breastfeeding is recommended from birth and during the duration of breastfeeding.

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