Oil of Weleda Calendula 100 ml Massage

Sensitive and fragile skin
Manufacturer: Weleda
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SKU 4270280 Oil of Weleda Calendula 100 ml Massage


This massage oil has been specially formulated for sensitive and fragile skin. It contains extracts of calendula and Chamomile, medicinal plants known for their soothing and calming virtues. Sesame oil, light and nourishing, contains essential fatty acids, it preserves the balance of the protective hydrolipidic film. This soothing fragrance oil is perfectly suited for massages. Daily care, it provides effective protection against dryness and makes the skin soft and supple. After the shower or bath, it creates a gentle heat envelope that helps to better withstand temperature variations.

operating tips:

To facilitate its penetration into the skin, it is good to apply it in small amounts after the shower or the bath, still slightly damp skin (after will be stamped with a towel). We apply only the amount of oil that the skin can absorb. A few drops in the Palm of a hand: it rubs both palms against the other and is distributed on the skin by massaging to get. Applied in this way, the oil leaves that a very thin protective film on the skin, it smooths and satine, no effect 'fat '. Specially formulated for sensitive skin massage. The Massage oil with Calendula is suitable for adults and children.

composition: sesame oil, calendula flower extract, Chamomile essential oil of True Lavender flower.

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