Oenobiol women 45 + Menopause 3 in 1 30 sachets

This food supplement fight effectively against the first signs of menopause.
Manufacturer: Oenobiol
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SKU 4014507 Oenobiol women 45 + Menopause 3 in 1 30 sachets


the hot flashes are the first sign of menopause, very common among women 45 years and more, they sometimes ruin life, occur at any time even at night, disrupting sleep. Oenobiol has developed a dietary supplement with natural extracts of plants. Women 45 + 3 in 1 Menopause, it has 3 complementary actions to combat these problems. This add-in stick to plants taste accompanies you during this period of hormonal upheaval, day and night.

  • reduced hot flashes

Sage is efficient against the inconvenience

  • helps find a peaceful sleep

the Melissa promotes a restful sleep

  • keeps the skin healthy

zinc helps keep normal skin

Tips for using women 45 + Menopause 3 in 1:

take one packet a day diluted in a glass of water, before sunset and during 30 day for optimal efficiency. The socket may be renewed if necessary. Drink hot or cold.