Oenobiol TopSlim 3 in 1 taste raspberry 14 sachets

top silm 3 in 1 is a good complement to your slimming, rich in green tea and guarana diet, it helps refine the silhouette.

Manufacturer: Oenobiol

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SKU: 5421203 Oenobiol TopSlim 3 in 1 taste raspberry


bags Oenobiol TopSlim 3 in 1 helps you lose weight while keeping the form. With their triple action, they contribute to calorie-burning, drain and invigorate the body for optimal slimming action.

composition of Oenobiol Topslim 3 in 1 raspberry taste:

its formula helps to:

burn calories through the EGCG and caffeine contained in extracts of green tea and guarana.

drain, thanks to the OPC of grape that decreases the sensations of swelling often present responsible for water retention.

tone, thanks to vitamin C which reduces the tiredness.

with its delicious raspberry taste this aid slimming accompanies you throughout the day, to help you slim down with pleasure.

operating tips:

take 1 sachet per day for 14 days.