Oenobiol Top Slim 3 in 1 flavour fishing 14 sticks


SKU 4124259 Oenobiol Top Slim 3 in 1 14 sachets

Oenobiol TopSlim 3 in 1 helps you achieve your goals while keeping the form thanks to its triple action contributing to :

-burn calories, thanks to the EGCG and caffeine contained respectively in extracts of green tea and guarana. Thermogenic assets, they contribute to stimulate the metabolism.

-drain, thanks to the OPC of grape that helps remove excess water responsible for feelings of swelling.

-toning the body with vitamin C which helps to reduce fatigue. passenger

TopSlim 3 in 1 to the delicious taste the-fishing accompanies you throughout the day to help you slim down with pleasure.

operating tips :
1 sachet per day to dilute in a 1.5-litre water bottle
14 days slimming Programme.

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