Oenobiol solar intensive Nutriprotection 30 capsules

Prepares, active and prolonged tanning of light in any protection skin

Manufacturer: Oenobiol

SKU: 5357014 Oenobiol solar intensive Nutriprotection

Properties Oenobiol solar nutriprotection:

Supplement nutrition solar intensive nutriprotecteur.

Prepares, activates and prolongs Tan.

Thanks to its formula of actilycopene, lutein, phytoene and phytofluene, it adapts to clear and sensitive skin and protects. It offers protection of the cells of the skin and anti-oxidant effect.

It contains selenium and vitamin E that reduce oxidative stress.

For an intense and lasting Tan. Your skin is preserved.

Tips for using Oenobiol solar nutriprotection:

Take 1 capsule per day during the meal, 1 month before exposure to the Sun, during and after.

Does not protect from sunburn.

composition Oenobiol solar nutriprotection:

Camelina oil


Tomato extract


Stearates of glycerol

Vitamin E of vegetable origin

Sodium Selenite


Marigold extract

Iron oxides