Oenobiol solar intensive anti-aging 30 capsules Pack of 2

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Resulting from Oenobiol scientific research, this innovative formula contains active ingredients derived from 100% natural plant extracts, for an anti-aging effect against certain signs of photoaging: * Lycopene, Nutrifilter, lutein, selenium, vitamin E help to prepare the skin for tanning while preserving its elasticity and density. Zinc contributes to the protection of cells against oxidative damage, vitamin C contributes to the synthesis of collagens, the skin's structural protein, and improves tanning by helping to preserve the skin's youthful appearance.


Care to help fight against signs of photoaging. 

Directions for use

Suitable for all types of skin. Take 1 capsules with a meal every day, 1 month before sun exposure. Also to be taken during and after sun exposure. 


Camelina sativa oil (Camelina sativa) - Gelatin - Actilycopene®: tomato extract (Lycopersicon esculentum) - Vitamin C - Glycerin, sorbitol (coating agents) - Glycerin monostearate (emulsifier) - Vitamin E - Zinc sulfate - Sodium selenite - Tagetes erecta extract - Iron oxides (colorants)


2 x box of 30 capsules. 

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A. Anonymous
  the 28/02/2016
5/ 5
Having used Onebiol several years ago, I decided to try it again and without doubt it promotes a far better tan and protects skin. Normally my tan is a little patchy and my skin very dry but with BOnebiol, my tan was deeper and my skin more elastic. I will definately use it each time I go on holiday and possibly the rest of the year also to keep my skin healthy .