Oenobiol Hair Conditioner 60 capsules

Restores vitality to your hair
Manufacturer: Oenobiol
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SKU 5356983 Oenobiol Hair Conditioner

Properties Oenobiol conditioner:

It restores vitality and beauty to your hair. They found their health.

Your hair are reinforced and its formula vitamin B8 allows the maintenance of a normal hair.

It is specially formulated for tired and devitalized hair. It gives them shape and lightness.

Ideal for treating your hair.

Tips for using Oenobiol conditioner:

Recommended during seasonal changes.

Take 2 capsules per day during meals.

3 months cure.

composition Oenobiol conditioner:

Pumpkin seed oil


Stearates of glycerol




Sunflower lecithin

Pantothenic acid

Potato maltodextrin

Titanium dioxide

Vitamin B6, B1, B2

Yellow iron oxide


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