Oenobiol Hair Conditioner 180 capsules


SKU: 3401581750129 Oenobiol Hair Conditioner 180 capsules

Properties Oenobiol conditioner:

Oenobiol conditioner formulated vitamin-based B guarantee the maintenance of your hair healthy and full of vitality throughout the year even during changes of season.

Indicated for the tired, dull and lifeless hair.

Your hair are lightness, flexibility and shine.

Tips for using Oenobiol conditioner:

Take 2 capsules per day for a meal.

3 months cure.

composition Oenobiol conditioner:

Oil of pumpkin seed - gelatin - Stearates of glycerol - Glycerin - Sorbitol - niacin - lecithin of sunflower - Pantothenic acid - potato - titanium dioxide maltodextrin - vitamin B6, B1, B2 - biotin yellow - ferric oxide