Oenobiol Aquadrainant more legs Lourdes 45 tablets

Helps to reduce the effect heavy legs.

Manufacturer: Oenobiol

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SKU: 5360513 OENOBIOL Aquadrainant more legs Lourdes new formula paperback 45 tablets

Aquadrainant laboratories OENOBIOL Plus is a dietary supplement that alleviates, refines and curve your legs, day after day, without any special effort.

tips to use Aquadrainant more legs Lourdes

Take 3 tablets per day during a meal for 15 days. A renew if necessary.

How to avoid water retention?

Water retention is insufficient drainage of the lymphatic system, which is unable to route excess water into the venous circulation, circulation systems of fluids between cells (blood and lymph) can be improved by a sensing rolled and hand massages. You can also wear a textile (shorty, panty, etc.) to improve microcirculation and feel light.

maximize the effects of drainage

  • feel free associate with plants help weight loss: Orthosiphon + green tea (if you fear cellulite); hawkweed + mate (for attacking infiltrated areas).
  • Add the horsetail (diuretic effect and remineralizing).
  • Apply morning and evening your anti-cellulite cream.
  • once a week, make a scrub on your body, massaging particularly targeted areas (buttocks, thighs, hips...).