Octave Sonalto device ear amplifier

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Octave, simply the number 1 Wizards of listening in France!

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SKU: 9775145 Octave Sonalto device ear amplifier

in france, a french on 6 suffers from hearing gene. Many give up to sail for financial reasons. Indeed, a hearing aid costs on average EUR 3 000. These excessive prices prevent about 70% of the French to equip themselves properly. They would be able to find a proper hearing.

Octave a hearing aid 10 times cheaper than the other

company Sonalto to created Octave first hearing aid 10 times cheaper than any auditory system currently on the market. Octave is intended for all those who wish to enjoy the daily situations: participate in a conversation, watch TV, go to the theatre or the cinema or listening to the singing of the birds. typically sold 299 (found on internet) your pharmacy online offers Sanareva Octave

How does Octave?

This miniature Digital headset intelligently amplifies the sounds for all people looking for a better listening comfort.Equipped with a processor digital last generation, associated with an attenuation of background noise and an anti-larsen (preventing any inadvertent whistle) Wizard to listen Octave allows you to enjoy the best of all situations of everyday life when many hear is essential: television, family discussion, cinema...

How to install Octave?

Octave has been designed to be very simple to use:

  • to install Octave, first identify your ear.
  • come then to place the last grey housing your ear by passing the transparent above your canopy tube
  • then insert silicone located at the end of the tube in your ear
  • to stabilize the unit, wrap the excess in your auditory Pavilion transparent thread.
  • now you can enjoy in all serenity octave.

Our Customer Reviews


Number of reviews : 43
Average rating : 4.5 /5
A. Anonymous
  the 19/02/2020
4/ 5
pourrais être mieux mais bon pour le prix je suis satisfais
A. Anonymous
  the 05/12/2019
5/ 5
le même que plus haut.
A. Anonymous
  the 14/11/2019
4/ 5
Bon produit dans mon cas de surdité, petit bémol l'emplacement de la pile n'est pas étanche et lors de forte chaleur avec la sudation ou lors de pluie l'eau s'y introduit et la pile est "out" l'appareil est hors fonction Dommage a corriger.
A. Anonymous
  the 08/11/2019
4/ 5
Remplacement d'une aide de même marque perdue. Suffisant pour bien des cas
A. Anonymous
  the 18/04/2019
4/ 5
produit bien pour le prix volume réglable. inutile de se ruiner dans des appareils à 1200 euros.