OB applicator ProComfort Super box 16 tampons with applicator

tampons super with applicator for easy insertion and a reliable protection when the rules.

Manufacturer: OB

SKU: 6104905 OB applicator ProComfort Super box 16 tampons with applicator


The ob tampons super with applicator allows easy insertion and a reliable protection throughout your rules. They are recommended for the days in the flow of the rules is quite important.

Indeed, the applicator allows to easily insert buffer and well to place it so that it causes no discomfort. In addition, it offers a reliable protection thanks to its curved grooves. Thus, it is designed to guide the flow effectively at the heart of the buffer.

You be protected and you feel well even during your rules.

Ob Tampons with applicator Super operating tips:

  • wash your hands before each use.

  • remove the pad from its packaging. The plastic applicator consists of two tubes, one inside the other. Pull the inner tube out of the outer tube until you hear a "click". warning the two tubes must remain attached.

  • you can now insert the buffer. Insert the rounded end of the outer tube of the applicator into the vagina directing it towards the bottom of the back (and not upward in a vertical position). The withdrawal cord must hang out of the tube.

  • carefully remove the 2 tubes of your body. The withdrawal cord must hang freely outside your body. If you feel the presence of the buffer, it is probably because you have not pressed it enough. Remove it and use another, you sure to insert it deep enough.

  • throw the applicator plastic and packaging in a trash can. Do not throw them in the toilet because they are made of plastic.

  • to remove your tampon, relax and gently pull the cord downwards at the same angle as that of insertion. The buffer can be thrown into the toilet after use if there is no trash.