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Nyda lice and nits 50ml + comb Solution

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SKU 4678779 Nyda lice and nits 50 ml + comb Solution

Lice are parasites that cling on the scalp and lay eggs called nits. These parasites drink blood and bring itchiness. However, they are very difficult to distinguish and to dislodge. It is therefore essential to combat the lice and nits by treatment.


Nyda Solution Anti lice and nits is a solution with sprayer to eradicate lice and nits from the scalp.

In a single application for an hour, the lice and nits are removed from the scalp and itching disappeared. In addition, thanks to this solution, the risk of spread of lice and nits is interrupted and it is possible to resume daily activities.

For a successful treatment, the eggs must be them also eliminated to prevent further reproduction.

This product is without insecticide and high tolerance. Hair will therefore not assaulted by the use of this product.

instructions for use Nyda Solution Anti lice and nits:

  • Sprayer on the solution,

  • spray the solution on dry, hair

  • divide the solution using the comb,

  • massaging full hair, especially at the level of the scalp and behind the ears,

  • leave the solution for 1 hour,

  • after 1 hour, remove the dead lice with the comb,

  • wash the hair with normal shampoo

  • proceed to control 8-10 days later If necessary make a new application.


Keep the product at a temperature not exceeding 25 C.

NYDA must not be used after the expiry date.

Do not spray the product on the eyes or mucous membranes. Do not inhale.

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